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Living in a Wonderland by Mohammad Barrangi

Mohammad’s work centres on experiences of travel, journeys and disability. His work contains images of animals such as birds, reptiles and mythical creatures to talk about migration and different experiences of this world. He combines Eastern styles of calligraphy and collage with Western compositions or scenes from European classical paintings to create new layers and meanings.


The Art Hostel offers inventive and imaginative accommodation, in the heart of Leeds, UK, for curious and creative travellers. The radical space offers beds for up to 60 guests spread across twelve remarkable rooms - affordable and truly unique accommodation for backpackers, artists and tourists alike.

Location at Art Hostel

Less than a mile from the shops, food and entertainment of the city centre, the Art Hostel is a peaceful and relaxing stay in the heart of Leeds. Offering the perfect place to explore Leeds, the Art Hostel is just one mile from the train station and 0.5 mile from the bus station. Leeds has a thriving independent grassroots and DIY art scene, and the Art Hostel encourages visitors to access this artistic underbelly.

Art Hostel, St Mary’s Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH


Family room

Double bed + two bunks

Front facing window

Soft pillows and duvet provided

Bed linen supplied

En suite shower room

Free Wi-Fi

24-hour reception

Cleaning services