Welcome Pack

Partners of the Welcome Pack

Our partners are a key part of the Invisible Hotel. They complement the unique concept of the hotel and showcase the truly local products and services. And only you get a chance to know them immediately for free, right through the exclusive Welcome Pack.

Open it up and taste the local craftsmanship, feel the natural cosmetics, or make your day worthwhile with free tickets to the cinema, the museum or the art gallery.

This selection of experiences and tastes will slowly uncover the invisible face of the city. The Welcome Pack is also our way to present people and their unique work, to support the local market and to create an even better and non-standard experience for our guests.


Feeling like a non-alco tonight?

For that, we got the best recipe. Or brothers Oprendeks do. What they prepared for you they call pure alchemy – natural lemonade combining Slovak herbs and honey. No sugar, additives, GMO. Everything you drink from inside a dark-brown bottle is of an utmost top-notch quality waiting for your taste buds. If you find the lemonade particularly exceptional, its crafty designers will gladly take you to their factory to show you how it’s done in Košice.

Discover the only lemonade in a world sweetened honey only in your Welcome Pack.

More at Mellos or @mellosdrink
Call Gabi and arrange an excursion +421 948 285 404
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Opre’ Cider

Apple concentrated potion

reflects local zeal for a successful startup. During times when a Slovak guy drinking cider was still an outsider, the brothers Oprendeks invented, cooked and personally bottled their own recipe. This brand has emerged thanks to a fair collection of experience, knowledge and experimentation, both at home and abroad. Opre’ is a local apple cider made by the natural fermentation of an apple juice. A well-liked flavour, golden colour and a distinctive character is a perfect fit for those who love being original.

One cider bottle is waiting for you inside The Welcome Pack. For further supply and unquenchable thirst, contact Gabi or local bars to get some more.

If you liked the cider in one of the rooms of The Invisible Hotel, why not getting to know Gabi personally. He will gladly take you over to the factory and reveal the backgrounds of his enterprise. 

More on Opre or @oprecider
Call Gabi any time +421 948 285 404
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Taken care by nature

As its name suggests, Vonai phonetically resembles and means may you smelled good. Vonai is a brand of natural cosmetics that handles careful production with no added preservatives or perfumes. Its strong scent leaves a long-lasting effect not only on your skin but fills the room with a distinct atmosphere.

Designed and made with care in Košice, Vonai has a wide portfolio of detoxification mud kits, zinc deodorants, natural soaps or herbal balms for the body.

The ingredients, a notable, natural smell, the textures that remain alive for a long time and a truly clean feeling are things that come don’t normally come easy. With Vonai signature elements – simplicity and craft, they come much easier. And because it’s natural, it perfectly complements your body no matter what skin type you are.

With The Invisible Hotel, you have your Vonai soap completely free of charge. Find it in the Welcome Pack.

More on vonai.sk, @herbarecare@herbarecare
Buy more Vonai products on Gorkého 2 at Tabačka Kulturfabrik
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Kino Úsmev

An art-house movie experience

you cannot get anyplace else than in Kino Úsmev. Its name literally translates into Cinema Smile. One of the oldest in the town, it reflects the local vibe of all Košice’s patriots. A retro bar, post-70s inner design, epic old-time theatre, summer ciné and a vast terrace attracts the unceasingly growing number of visitors.

One of the best things of Kino Úsmev is local food trucks serving the most delicious street food you may get – burgers by Smile and Robin hotdogs prepared by a local architect. They are announced with a buzzer and speaker so you can hear it even when the spot is completely full and crowdy.

That’s exactly what the place is all about – Kino Úsmev connects people who know each other or are eager to make new friendships, exchange ideas, laugh over a pint of beer or share french fries while discussing the latest issues. All of them are willing to welcome a foreigner. Stop by Kino Úsmev and don’t miss one of the most distinctive features of the city – the locals. Get into the theatre where time stopped and the modern didn’t overcome the glamour of the old-fashioned.

As for the movie tickets, guess what, you don’t have to bother buying one. We’ve gladly taken care of it. Enjoy your stay with the tickets completely free of charge – all set and printed inside your Welcome Pack.

More at Kino Úsmev or @usmevkino
Visit Kino Úsmev at Kasárenské námestie 1
Call 0948 840 774
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HUBa Coworking

When work is on call,

one has to answer. HUBa Coworking is an excellent reply to the call of your professional needs. Having community-driven environment and still offering a room big enough for your own thoughts, HUBa is exactly what you need to make dollars.

Working from a hotel room has long been so last century. Nomadic workers on the move have been seeking alternatives to the comfortable and rather lonesome home-offices, hotel rooms or busy cafés. If you’re one of them, this coworking space is certainly the best choice. Join the smart minds of HUBa, find the comfort of a desk you’re used to and surround yourself with creative energy.

With The Invisible Hotel, you’ve got your desk ready for the undisturbed work, completely free of charge.

Visit Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2
Call +421 948 904 432
Find more on hubacoworking.sk/en or @hubacoworking
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East Slovak Museum

The guardian angel of the history,

this 150-year-old museum has the exhibitions spread across numerous places in Košice. The Building of Divisions is devoted to the typical elements of art, history and nature of Slovakia. Learn about the city’s history in the Mikušova Prison or visit the executor’s house. Katova bašta zooms into the life and death of the Austro-Hungarian nobleman František II. Rákoczi and portrays the reproduction of his exile house from Turkey. The interior of the House of Crafts showcases the traditional crafts meanwhile its exterior uncovers the remains from the historical water trench. Among the museum’s finest perks is the precious collection of gold ducats, the famed Košice Golden Treasure. See it for yourself in the main building of the museum at the Marathon Square.

The museum’s online space is quite museum-like. We suggest taking your ticket and discovering everything on the spot.  It’s good to start a visit at the Main Building (Námestie Maratónu mieru 2) and continue as follows:

  • Budova divízie (Hviezdoslavova 3)
  • Dom remesiel (Hrnčiarska 9/A)
  • Miklušova väznica (Pri Miklušovej väznici 10)
  • Katova bašta (Hrnčiarska 7)


Following the legacy as European Capital of Culture 2013,

Košice thrives with dance, theatre performances, concerts, stand-ups, festivals, expos, fashion shows, conferences, workshops and a lot more. Everything and anything you might imagine connected to the infrastructure in the city of Košice is encompassed in thirteen cultural spots on the run for the pursuit of a greater cultural, creative and artistic vision of the city. K13 fills the space of the largest network of cultural centres in Košice which carefully orientate their programme of multi-genre nature. Košice’s Kunsthalle, Kasárne/Kulturpark, Amphitheater and Eight Exchangers/Spots. Find out what’s going on tonight. It will gladly overwhelm you.

Don’t you dare to think you might pay the fee for the K13’s exhibition ticket! It’s all set already. Your free tickets are waiting for you in The Welcome Pack.

Visit at Kasárne/Kulturpark, Kukučínova 2, Košice
More at www.k13.sk or @K13KosickeKulturneCentra
Call 055/685 42 99


SAC shop

Not just a seller of art supplies for the demanding. It is a way of life. For the local street-artists, writers, art dealers, authors and wannabe rappers. Everyone who loves colours, adventure, mastering ceremonies and marking territories. It is a pilot and a pivot local place for people bringing art to the public space. The SAC or the Street Art Communication Shop is also an info centre for the Open Mural Gallery.

Get your 20% discount at SAC Shop

Visit Gorkého 2 between 15:00 and 18:00 on weekdays
Can be opened also on call +421 905 968 630

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AHA Cookies & Milkshakes

Dreamt of the chewiest cookie dough?

Now you got it right next to your bed. No need to get out on a rainy day, one extraordinary piece of sweetness has been pre-ordered before your stay. Try out the chocolate chip, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla or opt for more crazy ones – like green tea for example. Or even chilli. A 26-year old has been developing this dough for almost half a year. To wrap it up all really nice and conserve the flavour that might bring you an unavoidable sugar ecstasy.

If one cookie’s not enough for you (and of course it isn’t), just stop by the sweetest-coloured candy shop in the town. Almost like the one from some famous rap songs.

Get more at @ahacookies or @ahacookieskosice
Visit Poštová 547/1, 040 01 Košice
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Slovak State Philharmonic Košice

Where to get your ears pierced with the loveliest melody?

Slovak State Philharmonic Košice embellishes the sound feature of the city. Why not spend an evening inside The Palace of Art – a former synagogue listening to the harmony itself? Alone, on a date, in a group of friends or family – don’t forget the music is all we got. And in Košice, we know that very well. Therefore, our top sound recommendation emanates from something one cannot grasp, just inhales with one of the strongest sense – the ear-sight. Experience the night with a professional symphonic orchestra. All the works from Baroque to contemporary music within your reach.

Say yes to any of the concerts. You’re getting them for free. Tickets are waiting for you in The Welcome Pack.

Visit The Palace of Arts at Moyzesova 66
More at www.sfk.sk/en or @filharmoniaKosice 
+421 55 2453 101
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Who would resist a retro ride?

High wheeler, Penny-farthings, post-office moving vehicle. Savour the tastes of old fashioned yet ever-present fame of vintage bikes. Stroll through the town as no one else does. And wave confidently at amazed looks of amazed passers-by. You’ll get it cheaper if you say where you’re sleeping at.

Get your 20% discount at Dutch Bikes

Visit Mäsiarska 422/7, 040 01 Košice
Call 0915 511 154
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Forest trails available

You’ve had your time in the city centre, roaming up and down the streets, capturing churches, St Elisabeth Cathedral and all of its picturesque history. We guess you’d like to try out something extraordinary now. A smashing treat – folks from KE.CY trail cycling association know where to take you for a spin. Give them a call – the second-largest city forests of Europe get lonesome without a few wheels running around.

More at KE.CY
Visit Tatranská 19
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Electro bicycles rental

When feeling blue for some skilled two-cycle, contact the guys from BiKERE. Bicycle rental has never been easier and more accessible. Get your special discount as The Invisible Hotel guest and roll through forests and nearby meadows. Or downtown. A really good bike fits into every landscape.

Get your 10% discount at BiKERE

More at BiKERE
Visit Fejova 5

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Fabbrica Coffee

What is better than smell and taste of freshly roasted coffee?

Fabbrica Coffee in Košice has been roasting the highest quality coffee beans daily since 2011. The current quality of its harvest on individual plantations, imports directly from the port and the passion of our specialists who roast it every day guarantee the highest quality and deliciousness of coffee. You can choose from a rich selection of beans or ground coffee from different parts of the world, complemented by green and decaffeinated coffee. To suit the preferences of every customer, they also mix the coffee mixture according to your own taste.

Thanks to Invisible Hotel you have a free package of delicious coffee beans.

You can find this unique coffee in Fabbrica Café in the OC Gallery, Toryská 5, Košice. If you are very busy you can also choose from the menu in the e-shop.