Welcome Pack

Partners of the Welcome Pack

Our partners are a key part of the Invisible Hotel. They complement the unique concept of the hotel and showcase the truly local products and services. And only you get a chance to know them immediately for free, right through the exlusive Welcome Pack.

Open it up and taste the local craftsmanship, feel the natural cosmetics, or make your day worthwhile with free ticktes to the cinema, the museum or the art gallery.

This selection of experiences and tastes will slowly uncover the invisible face of the city. The Welcome Pack is also our way to present people and their unique work, to support the local market and to create even better and non-standard experience for our guests.


Mellos is all natural lemonade. The flavours are derived from herbs and plants infused together with locally sourced honey. Mellos is a 2017 novelty and you will find no lemonade of similar character, taste or quality in the whole world. And yes, this extraordinary, non-alcoholic yet alluring drink comes from the garage of the Oprendek brothers, who really want to know how you find Mellos.

Call Gabi and arrange an excursion +421 948 285 404.

More on mellos.sk or @mellosdrink

Opre’ Cider

At times when a Slovak man drinking cider was still an outsider, the brothers Oprendeks invented, cooked and personally bottled their own recipe. This brand has emerged thanks to the sound and honest collection of experience, knowledge and experimentation, home and abroad. Opre’ is a true apple cider made by the natural fermentation of apple juice. It is devoted to the honest craft of cider culture in Slovakia. A well-liked flavor, a golden color and a distinctive character is true for those who love being original.

If you liked the cider in one of the rooms of The Invisible Hotel, why not to get to know Gabi personally. He will gladly take you over to the factory and reveal the backgrounds of his enterprising mind.

More on opre.sk or @oprecider

Call Gabi in any case, day or time at +421 948 285 404. Even now.


Formerly working as an architect in London, Janka Fazekašová has returned to Košice and established the Vonai brand – a stunning company for the natural cosmetics. Jana bravely does all the show by herself: from production, product testing, packaging design to the brand’s title. In her gallery you will find detoxification mud kits, zinc deodorant, natural soap or herbal balm for the body. With the authentic wrapping, it surely is a right kind of souvenir for the loved ones.

More on vonai.sk or @vonaiorganic

Buy more Vonai products on Gorkého 2

Kino Úsmev

One of the oldest cinemas in Košice – Kino Úsmev – (literally „cinema smile“) has been standing in Košice since 1929. Only in 2015, the cinema was reopened by Cinefil, the free association of young people in love with the film and cinematic traditions. Ever since they’ve been showing the movies in the unique venue located in the pleasant environment of the city center. Kino Úsmev is definitively the best place for a date, a gripping discussion of a mizanscene or any premiere of local and global production. Don’t forget to grab a drink to the ample screening room from its authentic retro bar.

Find out more about the offer on kinousmev.sk or @usmevkino

Visit the cinema on Kasárenské námestie 1

Call on +421 948 840 774

HUBa Coworking

HUBa is a combination of entrepreneurship and a style of working in a flexible coworking environment.

It connects freelancers and naturally creates the community of the smart minds. The common spaces serve the mutual sharing of ideas, values and the co-workers benefit from the concentration and experience of the creative colleagues. HUBa is an excellent alternative to the home office, or working at a café. And with The Invisible Hotel, you have a desk ready for your undisturbed work, completely free of charge.

Find more on hubacoworking.sk/en or @hubacoworking or tabacka.sk.

Fulfill your professional needs at Gorkého 2

Call +421 948 904 432

East Slovak Museum

The guardian angel of the history, this 150 year-old museum has the exhibitions spread across numerous places in Košice. The Building of Divisions is devoted to the typical elements of art, history and nature of Slovakia. Learn about the city’s history in the Mikušova Prison or visit the executor’s house. Katova bašta zooms into the life and death of the Austro-Hungarian nobleman František II. Rákoczi and portrays the reproduction of his exile house from Turkey. The interior of the House of Crafts showcases the traditional crafts meanwhile its exterior uncovers the remains from the historical water trench. Among the museum’s finest perks is the precious collection of gold ducats, the famed Košice Golden Treasure. See it for yourself in the main building of the museum at the Marathon Square.

The museum’s online space is quite museum-like. We suggest taking your ticket and discovering everything on the spot.

More on vsmuzeum.sk.

It’s good to start a visit in the Main Building (Námestie Maratónu mieru 2) and continue as follows:

  1. Budova divízie (Hviezdoslavova 3)
  2. Dom remesiel (Hrnčiarska 9/A)
  3. Miklušova väznica (Pri Miklušovej väznici 10)
  4. Katova bašta (Hrnčiarska 7)


K13 follows the legacy of the Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013 and fill the spaces of the largest network of cultural centers in Košice with the multi-genre offer of events. Kunsthalle, Kasárne – Kulturpark, Amphitheater and Eight Exchangers thrive with dance, theater, concerts, stand-ups, festivals, exhibitions, fashion shows, conferences, workshops and such. Everything and anything that contributes to the quality life and development of local cultural infrastructure.

Find the current offer on k13.sk or @K13KosickeKulturneCentra

Visit the infopoint Delta in White Square of Kulturpark – Kukučínova 2

SAC shop

SAC Shop is not just a seller of art supplies for the demanding. It is a way of life. For the local street-artists, writers, art dealers, authors and wanna-be-rappers. Everyone who loves colours, adventure, mastering ceremonies and marking territories. It is a pilot and a pivot local place for people bringing art to the public space. The SAC or the Street Art Communication Shop is also an info center for the Open Mural Gallery.

More on @sacshopsk or sacsac.org

Visit na Gorkeho 2 between 15:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.

You have a 20% discount. Can be opened also on call +421 905 968 630